Can you make your own e liquid?

Can you make your own e-liquid

Can you make your own e liquid?

You can indeed. Just combine the three or four main ingredients (Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine base liquid, flavourings and nicotine salts). You can buy an e liquid mixing kit which gives you everything you need to make the perfect e liquid for your vaping needs. Or you may decide to go completely DIY and buy wholesale base ingredients, along with weighing scales and syringes for mixing with precision.

Is it cheaper to make your own vape juice?

Mixing your own e-liquid is a great way to save money, and can be up to four times cheaper than buying premixed vape juice. Rather than buying a bottle of vape juice that soon disappears, you can invest in the base ingredients, which will last you longer. It’s important to get proper instructions on how to mix vape juice properly using the correct quantities of each ingredient so it will work in your vape.

What is Propylene Glycol?

One of the potential base liquids is the compound propylene glycol. It binds to your flavourings and carries them into your throat, making it responsible for the “throat hit” that is characteristic in vaping. It doesn’t have any colour or smell of its own, and barely any taste.

You can find propylene glycol in deodorant and other bathroom products, in various medicines, and in some processed food. It’s more effective as a solvent than VG and creates a thinner liquid, which means you can use it in smaller devices.

Some people can have an allergic reaction to propylene glycol, which should be clearly communicated in your marketing material as an advisory.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

The other main base liquid is vegetable glycerine, which also has no scent or colour, but is much thicker and sweeter than PG. It comes from plants and doesn’t have any toxic effects, meaning it’s often used in medicines and burn remedies. You’ll also find it in lip gloss and soap, as well as other products that need to be delivered orally via capsules or lotions that are rubbed into the skin. It can work effectively in any of these forms.

VG is gentler on the throat than PG and can create larger, denser clouds.

What is a nicotine shot?

Another important ingredient is nicotine, which will generally be delivered in dilute form, mixed with VG or PG. Different strengths are available depending on tolerance level (heavy smokers may need more), but too much nicotine may change the flavour. Nicotine needs to be handled very carefully to avoid overdosing, and you should wear gloves when handling it as it can irritate the skin. They usually come in a 10ml bottle, as it is illegal in the UK to sell e liquids containing nicotine in bottles over this size.  You can find nicotine shots here

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