Rebuildable Tanks

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As vaping becomes more common in the UK and across the world, more and more people are experimenting with their vaping kit and exploring the world of rebuildable tanks.

These provide experienced vapers more customisation and allow them to experiment with different strengths, flavours and styles of vaping.

RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomiser. E-juice travels from a tank, through channels and chimneys to reach the wick.

An RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomiser that consists of a deck and cap. Instead of a tank, the user has to regularly drip e-juice onto the coils.

How does an RTA tank work?

At its most basic, all the user has to do is line up the cotton and coil, then make sure there’s juice in the tank. Gravity and pressure will force the juice from the tank to the wick, then they can draw from the mouthpiece and begin to vape.

Always do your research before committing to any kind of rebuildable tanks, as this is a fairly advanced vaping kit. The consumer will also need to know exactly how they work, including Ohm’s Law (which guides current and resistance in conductors). It is important to check everything is in place and working before they actually start vaping.

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