What are 18650 Batteries?

What are 18650 Batteries

18650 batteries are 18mm in diameter, 65mm in height and has a cylindrical (o) shape (hence the numbers 18-65-0). They might be large but they’re one of the most popular types because they’re powerful and long-lasting. Other sizes you may find in some e-cigarettes include 26650, 20700 and 21700. It is essential that consumers always use the right battery for their kit.

What is lithium IMR?

The most common type of battery, these combine lithium and manganese for safe, high current and lower temperature performance.

How often do I have to replace my vape battery?

Battery life of 18650 batteries is influenced by a range of factors, from how often the device is used to whether the user follows best charging practices, but most vapers should be able to make them last a year or more. They can extend the life by using the proper charger and not overcharging (unplug once they’re full).

How long does the charge in my vape battery last before it needs recharging?

This also varies a lot depending on battery, coil and e-cigarette, as well as the individual’s style of vaping. Three to eight hours is a good range.

Why are vape batteries labelled regulated or unregulated?

Regulated mods, perhaps unsurprisingly, are made with stricter regulations. There are rules about current, power flow, control features, overheating and automatic cut-offs if it short circuits or encounters other problems. This is obviously safer, and will particularly suit consumers who are unfamiliar with vaping or electronics.

If a customer wants more adaptability and really knows their stuff, you may decide to recommend an unregulated mod that they can play about with themselves. All they will get is the battery, coil and plenty of power.

What is an eGo battery?

eGos are some of the most popular vape batteries, especially with beginners. They’re easy to use, not too expensive and carry a reasonable charge, though they’re not always the most powerful. You don’t have to take them out of the e-cigarette to charge them, just plug it into a USB port. They’ll switch off automatically when full. Use eGos for fixed wattage vaping that uses the most common coils.

Are there any safety precautions I need to take with a vape battery?

Whilst modern batteries are designed to be as safe as possible, they can still be harmful if misused. If a battery looks warped, nicked or scratched, or the wrapping is peeling, take precautions and dispose of it. The same goes if it starts getting too hot. Many vapers decide to carry some spare batteries with them. These should be kept in a battery case or wrapped in something non-conductive so they don’t make contact with any keys or loose change that may complete a circuit. It is essential to use the right type of battery and charger, and don’t leave batteries charging overnight. It is advisable to turn off the charger as soon as they’re fully charged, to prevent overheating.

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