What are Advanced Vape Kits?

What are advanced vape kits

What are advanced vape kits?

As the name suggests, advanced vape kits represent the next step for a user once they have become comfortable with the practice and procedures of vaping through using a starter kit. They will typically have extra features such as temperature control, greater coil options, a longer-lasting battery and a high quality charger.

Is there greater regulation of advanced vape kits?

No. When it comes to advanced vape kits UK law makes no additional provision. Vape kits of all kinds are treated in the same fashion. They are perfectly legal to use and sell provided that they are not intended for the use of prohibited substances. The ban on smoking in public buildings and the workplace does not apply to advanced vaping kits, because they do not produce smoke or burn tobacco. However, individual establishments such as pubs and restaurants are at liberty to impose their own local prohibitions, so make sure you check before getting your vape out.

When should a vaper progress to an advanced kit?

This is entirely a personal choice. Some people are more than happy to stick with their starter equipment and will continue to use it for years if they prize its simplicity and ease of use. More advanced vape kits tend to suit confident vapers who do not feel the need for ‘stealth’ vaping – that is, vaping discreetly so as not to draw attention. Also, if a vaper needs their battery to hold its charge for longer, an advanced kit will be suitable.

What is the most powerful vape?

In terms of wattage the list of the most powerful vapes would include the Aspire Typhon Revvo Kit, Geekvape Obelisk, SMOK Morph 2, Vaporesso GEN S and the Voopoo Argus GT.

What do advanced vape kits contain?

In addition to the essential equipment, they will have a number of special features to make the vaping experience even better. They can guard against dry hits, which occur when the wick surrounding the coil runs dry, by incorporating elements that keep the wick permanently moist. They may also enable the user to set a power curve which means that they start vaping on full power but can reduce the wattage to stop the coil overheating and drying out the wick. Most will have a temperature function as a second failsafe against overheating.

Is there a different age limit for people to buy advanced vaping kits?

No. The legal age in the UK for buying e-liquids, e-cigarettes and vaping kit is 18 and this is the same for all vaping products.

Is it safe to drive while vaping?

It is not illegal to vape while driving, but if a driver has an accident as a result of their vision being restricted by clouds from a vaping device, they may be liable for points on their licence and a fine.

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